If you're frustrated with your homes fuel usage or the time has simply run out on your current heating system, don't just replace it.  Upgrade it!  If your current system uses too much fuel, doesn't produce heat & domestic hot water the way it should, then let Blissful Homes Heating & AC help.  Above is a 20+ year old oil fired hot water boiler with a domestic hot water coil and a power venter instead of a chimney.  Yikes!  Not only could it not keep up with the hot water demand of the house, but it was loud, dirty and inefficient.  

Our customer chose to upgrade to a clean, quiet and fuel efficient Energy Kinetics propane boiler with a 40 gallon storage tank for hot water.  By doing so, they solved the hot water issue,  eliminated the need for a fuel oil storage tank, which was also due for a replacement and can now sit in their home and not hear or smell the heating system when its running.  An excellent upgrade for any home with oil or propane.    

Don't overlook the warning signs of a heating system needing to be replaced.  If it's old, problematic or consumes too much fuel then all the reason to replace it. These systems will fail and breakdown when they're under heavy duress.  Usually when it's freezing cold out.  While maintenance is very important, nothing lasts forever.  Just because your heating system is still running, doesn't mean you should leave it go until it completely fails.  

You can have Blissful Homes Heating & AC provide a free estimate to replace your heating system.  Here we took an old direct vent (no chimney) oil boiler and replaced it with a high efficiency, wall hung, condensing propane boiler.  Our customers received an added bonus, by switching to from oil to propane, the reclaimed over 15 feet of wall space in their garage, which was being occupied by (2) 330 gallon oil tanks.  The new system is clean, quiet and fuel efficient for many years to come.  

Ductless Heating & Cooling

The perfect alternative for electric heating.   A ductless comfort solution that provides heating and cooling from the same indoor unit and cuts down on your utility bill.  These units are quiet, clean and most importantly, energy efficient.  Most equipment qualifies for rebates from our local utility companies.  

Blissful Homes Heating & AC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor and are able to offer our customers an industry leading 12 year warranty on both parts & compressors.  

Don't forget to take advantage of our 0% Interest, 18 month Financing.  

Below are some examples of the many different indoor and outdoor configurations.